Once you understand the prospective buyers’ mindset, you begin to look at your business as a buyer will.  That is powerful. Some business owners quickly realize that there are changes they can make that will have a tremendous impact on the success of their transaction, but they find that implementing these changes takes time and mental processing.  


Trailblazer continues where Get Your Bearings leaves off. You learn how to choose advisors you trust. Your growth mindset, expanding self-awareness, emotional intelligence mastery sets the stage for positive leadership no matter the disruption.  You learn to assess your GAPS in skill and knowledge and how to on-board those who will prove to be invaluable in supporting your organization's growth and development.  Weekly accountability calls and customized email assignments keep you focused on macro goals, long term horizons which lead to the high ROI improvements.  


You will build the tribe within, and learn to invite those professionals who will add value to your tribe as it thrives.  This mindset shift will lead to a history of performance that supports a successful transaction, and you’ll get to enjoy having your business function more smoothly than ever before until the day you decide to exit.  A model organization starts with an exemplary leader, and you don't have to do it alone!

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