Pivot Points...which path to take?

Envision change as a vehicle.  Imagine yourself as the traveler who experiences calm, clarity of purpose, and confidence in the destination.  Coaching is your steering mechanism. Whatever the Pivot Point, you discover the possibilities of any route and equip yourself for the thrill of accomplishment.


Everyone sees life in a different way. Your beliefs, values and experiences shape who you are and help to create a personal readiness that guides you through life.  When you face challenges you can’t navigate, then life can be tough. Coaching helps you work with, and develop your resilience. Your pivot point becomes the opportunity to plan your next right steps.

I’ll equip you with the tools to explore every option available, and to gather new opportunities along the way.  You will walk away from the coaching partnership with clearly defined values, the vocabulary to frame your resources, along with the skill needed to deploy those resources using your gifts, and strengths as guides in your work, home and relationships.  You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with a change of perspective and the expert wielding of a growth mindset, increased self-awareness, readiness and resilience. Nothing is impossible. Every experience is an opportunity for growth.

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