Get Your Bearings

Designed for the owner who anticipates a sale in the future, Get Your Bearings features two monthly group coaching calls, two accountability partner assignments per month, access to resources, and a series of customized email assignments designed to add to your toolkit, and a quarterly, interactive, 2 hour group strategy session to create practices that will develop a growth mindset, self-awareness, educate you about  the M&A process and help you make specific changes in leading your business through every stage of transition (including your exit!).  You don't have to do everything alone.  Ascend's Get Your Bearings is an opportunity to work on your future in confidence.


Join the Ascend Community!  Over the course of three months, Get Your Bearings will help you, the EXPERT in YOUR business, develop a growth mindset with self-awareness that sets the stage for you to learn to analyze your business as prospective buyers will. As your M&A Coach, I will ask the questions to shift your perspective to allow YOU to begin to consider how buyers look at businesses and assess how yours compares. Most importantly, with coaching, you’ll learn how to develop a strategic mindset that sets the stage for a successful transaction.

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