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For the founders of a startup, coaching helps to build value through culture.  As the complexity of the company unfolds, founders are called to continuously evolve.  The demands of wearing every hat, to learning to be the CEO, can be a tough transition.  The founder, the employees, the mission and purpose, are essential ingredients to a thriving company culture.  



Partnerships require regular maintenance.  This is one of the most important relationships in business.  A healthy partnership can be a source of mental, emotional and physical well-being for the business as well as for the people involved.  Unhealthy partnerships can be toxic for the company’s profits and culture. For many partnerships, there is the added complexity of personal relationships that may predate the business relationship.


Family Businesses...

Family businesses offer the advantages of trust, shared experiences, as well as the potential of shared goals.  However, most families have systems that can be stressed. Families with multiple generations who disagree, or have differing goals, can become stressed when the business is faced with disruption or innovation opportunities.


Displaced C-Suiters...

CEO’s are people, too.  Business often demands a great deal from the personal lives of it’s leaders.  Once that leadership role is at an end, that support system is gone. The structure of mission, purpose, shared goals and the accumulated skills of years in the business world are no longer accessible for many.  The CEO, who has spent years driving the implementation and execution of strategic initiatives, has given no thought to their own strategic plan.  It' time to invest in that future self.

Ascend can help.

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